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ACC Guidelines

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The following ACC Guidelines have been established and applied to maintain the design, landscaping and aesthetic standards of the Crescent Park neighborhood. A committee has been appointed to review the design review applications (DRAs) required from homeowners prior to construction, improvements or alterations as outlined in the Covenants and Architectural Guidelines.

The standalone FACTsheets contain updated information that replaces that topic within the Guidelines. The quick reference FACTsheets are recommendations to help maintain the aesthetics of the Crescent Park neighborhood.

DRA's now require a LOT number - Please click here for Map

All homeowners are obligated to adhere to all standards outlined in the documented Crescent Park Covenants, By-Laws and Declarations along with these Guidelines and FACTsheets that serve to assist homeowners in maintaining their properties. 

Architectural Guidelines - Full Version

The condensed version in the slideshow below highlights common topics.

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