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Paying Assessments

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To ensure that you and your family receive the very best service, we are offering a new way to pay assessments.

This new assessment collection method is though a "lockbox" system with our Association's bank.  Here's how it works:

Each homeowner will receive their assessment coupons for the next year in December of this year.  Each homeowner should tear out a coupon, write a check and mail the payment directly to the address on the coupon.  Do NOT mail the check to Hara Community 1st Advisors as this may delay your payment and could cause your account to go into default.

The bank may give you alternate methods to pay, which may be printed on your coupons, so please follow the instructions on the coupon.  Once the bank receives the payment they immediately deposit the funds into the correct HOA account.  The process is fast, efficient and extremely homeowner friendly.

Hara Community 1st Advisors and our community are always looking for ways to make this process easier and more efficient.



Your dues are due bi-annually (Feb. 1st & Aug. 1st)



Hara Community 1st Advisors is not empowered to waive any fees. If you call them and ask them to waive fees, they will direct you to our HOA Policy below.

If a homeowner wants any fees, late fees, certified fees, interest or intent to lien fees waived by the Homeowner's Association you must:

  1. Write a letter (no emails) to the Board at the HOA mailing address found on your statement, explaining why you specifically want the Association to waive your fees.

  2. In the envelope MUST be your specific letter to the Board detailing your reasons.

  3. In the envelope MUST be a copy of your current statement showing the late fees in dispute.

  4. In the envelope MUST be a copy FRONT and BACK of the check used to pay the late assessment for which you are asking forgiveness.

  5. You may also ask for a payment plan.  This option is subject to approval by the Board.

Homeowner requests are NOT submitted to the Board without all 3 items (letter, statement, check).

You may also ask for a payment plan, this request will be reviewed by the board.

You will be contacted by either the Association or the Management Company with the Association's decision.

Paying Assessments (PDF document)


Florida Statutes:

720.305 and 720.306

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