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Crescent Park Friends and Homeowners -- please keep an eye on your car tires. Weird things are happening regarding flats and nails/bolts/steel bars in tires.

All resulting in flat tires, inconvenience, and unsafe driving on flat, or under pressure tires when these situations are not recognized.. Not to mention dollars spent in repairing these flats -- or replacing tires. I've had 3 punctured tires in the past 6 mos .. other folks have reported similar occurrences and/or "strange" flat tires. In past years we've had incidents of folks finding standing nails/bolts/screws just in front of their tires. These incidences of tire damage, or discovery of sharp objects in driveways seem to come in "spurts". Then they die down for a while. So check your tires before you hop in the car .. check your friends tires when they drive by for underinflation. Flag em down if the tires look soft. Even if you're wrong -- at least they'll know you care. And if you see folks tampering with car tires, visually or on your surveillance cameras -- please report it to the homeowner and the police. Or to me directly so I can contact the appropriate parties. Lets take care of each other . OK?