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Crescent Park Friends and Homeowners -- please keep an eye on your car tires. Weird things are happening regarding flats and nails/bolts/steel bars in tires.

All resulting in flat tires, inconvenience, and unsafe driving on flat, or under pressure tires when these situations are not recognized.. Not to mention dollars spent in repairing these flats -- or replacing tires. I've had 3 punctured tires in the past 6 mos .. other folks have reported similar occurrences and/or "strange" flat tires. In past years we've had incidents of folks finding standing nails/bolts/screws just in front of their tires. These incidences of tire damage, or discovery of sharp objects in driveways seem to come in "spurts". Then they die down for a while. So check your tires before you hop in the car .. check your friends tires when they drive by for underinflation. Flag em down if the tires look soft. Even if you're wrong -- at least they'll know you care. And if you see folks tampering with car tires, visually or on your surveillance cameras -- please report it to the homeowner and the police. Or to me directly so I can contact the appropriate parties. Lets take care of each other . OK?


CPHOA covenants prohibit parking on the streets between the hours of 01:00 am and 05:59 am.

CPHOA must enforce these covenants or be sued by home owners. 


Parking Offense:  If a vehicle parked on the street during prohibited hours, the towing company


Temporary Street Parking: 

Temporary passes can be issued by CPHOA Community Association Manager.



April Self on:

Tel: (407) 628-1086 Ext: 104


Ever walked out into your yard and stepped into somebody else's business? It's a nuisance but unfortunately left behind dog doo is an even more serious matter.

Did you know that one gram of dog waste (the weight of a business card) contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, almost twice as much as human waste. This bacteria can be tracked further than your shoe or your yard. When it rains, left behind dog doo can make it's way down the street, into the storm drain and directly into the closest lake. Help keep our lakes, and city, clean and healthy by picking up after your pet and encouraging your neighbors to do the same. Report poo-llution to Orange County at 407-836-3111. It's against County ordinances and can result in a $110 fine.


Stop Poo-llution.  Pick up after your pet

Dogs MUST be on a leash and under owners control at ALL times


Drivers who park in their driveways - would you please try and leave the sidewalks clear if possible for those of us that use them.


Orlando, FL, USA

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